Replies make all the Difference in the World!

Not sure if anyone reads this, but I’ll keep trying because I should…

But my love life is basically … Nothingness….
Until now….

So remember when I freaked out about the Red-Head Marine who sent a joke and I responded pretty ridiculously?
Well, he replied to the joke….
Anyone REALLY want to know why sharks live in Salt Water?
It’s because pepper water makes them sneeze too much…
This joke has officially caught me off guard because though it is totally “retarded”, it really is corny and when I first read the reply I almost fell off of the bar stool I was sitting on … Hahaah

Is that normal? I don’t think so cause normally that type of joke would’ve made me face palm myself really hard because Seriously *Grumpy face*

So far so good, I’ve been busy with the whole dating scene because recently I have reconnected with a good friend of mine through MeetMe because I just stopped using Mirror because it REALLY was a piece of shit… HAhahah… Did ANYONE go to that site?

Oh, with MeetMe, I’ve been befriended a SHIT TON of Marines on the site… I must be a military man magnet…I really don’t care, they’re just people… But it is AWESOME to talk to them because I always love a new point of view…

Back to the friend, he’s a great guy! His name is Chris….He likes almost everything I do, but I’m unsure if I should because I have REALLY bad times with Chris’ !

My First Love was a Christopher, I was fourteen and we got together because his girlfriend mistakenly and Dramatically found the poetry journal I asked him to read and then threw it at me… I gave him my first kiss at the local park (here in Granada Hills) in the middle of the night, we spent the summer together , and then school resumed and then I was the “whore”… True Story

One of my friends turned crush was ANOTHER Christopher, I was seventeen and he was in the Army . I was a rebound to the blonde that he was infatuated with… When I tried to tell it to him straight and show him that she didn’t care… He kicked me out of his life faster then he could block me on Facebook…. Note to Self: Stop dating insecure, weaselly asshats…

But maybe the third time is a charm… I mean, my name is Lorelei (say it like Loralei), and I am a fan of the show Gilmore Girls, so maybe it’s meant to be … But something seems to be missing from the picture…I don’t know… Once again , I’ll keep you updated…

Though, the theory I’ve stated above is TOTAL crap and even i know it… I’m going to be honest… I LIKE Chris… But as of right now, I have my sights, my target… He’s barely gets on to talk to me ….So what do I do again?

I hear that the common Neurotypical¬† girl does this weird process called “Friend zoning” which is utterly frowned upon…

how can I show my affection to one person even though I truly want someone ….

Time will only tell time which is right so for now… I’ll “Let it Be”
Good night because FUCK LUCK!


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