Yeah I fucked this one up

Ever hate a Certain part about yourself so much that when it happens to pop up all of a sudden you want to strangle yourself…




No one … Not a single person? Ok then, I’m guessing I’m on my own with this one because Apparently either my intelligence or just my unlikely lack of common sense that comes with my Autism happened to pop up the other day and ruin a Perfectly simple reply to a joke!!

So if ANYONE has read this blog you’ll know that I have spoken about a certain red haired Marine that I shown an interest to for quite some time now….

He wrote to me … A joke…. A simple, but corny joke…
Hold on, I’m allowing this to sink in ….
IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE!!!! And I took it to far…

Here’s the joke: Why do Sharks swim in salt water?
My reply: I would turn this into a scientific debate but then… I don’t know worls as well


What’s WRONG WITH ME!!!! First of all, I just noticed my spelling error! FACK! And now, I’m apparent Know It All… FAAACK!!!

Screw in the ass, why don’t you!!!

So now here I am, writing a semi-medium blog about how and why it is horrible to be the person I am … Actually it only takes a sentence

It’s because I’m too literal…Fuck me ! I have a Lovely sense of humor when I’m with my family and friends but I don’t have one when I talk to people I like… My future husband is going to have a Hell of a Time with me LOL!!!

Either way… Just thought I would update you because, of course, why shouldn’t I? There’s a lot of reasons why, but I just don’t want to think of them …

Well, for now…

Good Luck and Good Night


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