A Rant For Those Who Tired Of STUPID Abbrevations and Shit … Sorry guys, no dating stuff so far… But I will keep you posted

Why does the abbreviation MilSo make me want to Hack Up my dinner…

Why does putting those Letter TOGETHER making me want to Hork!

Couldn’t you Ladies think of something LESS obnoxious?

Were all the Military Spouse nicknames taken? Were you too lazy Just to say the Whole word? Almost 33% of children drop out of High School every day and a good percentile Have NEVER even been to school or on a military base EVER…
So what makes you think that This particular abbreviation HAVE to Exist! Think of something else… BUY A DICTIONARY FOR CHRIST SAKE!

Literally, Just Head Back To The Drawing Board!!

Please, because If I EVER get married to someone in the military, I WILL NEVER CALL MYSELF THAT! I won’t even take my husband’s last name… I’ll just stay with my motherfucking maiden name for the rest of my life!!!!

OMFG! *gags* I apologize…

I’m just being straight forward here… Just being myself… Somethings just make me cringe like the word “Tender” or how people separate the sound effects of a word…

Literature… Sure, there’s a “T” were the third syllable is but don’t SAY Liter-a- TER
It’s somewhat pronounced in America with semi “ch” sound…

That and the word “Brunette” fucking Kills ME!!! I don’t know why, but I HATE this words as much as MilSo!!!

I’m guessing it’s my Asperger’s but REALLY!!! STOP SAYING or CALLING yourselves MilSos… SPOUSE HAS A FUCKING “P” IN IT!!!!!

So correctly it’s MILSPO! That’s not too bad, but I might rip my eyeballs out if one says it too much!





A day later… P.s.
It’s come to my attention that MilSo is supposed to mean Military Significant Other… I’m sorry, Are these people GAY MEN underneath their weird clothing and vaginas?

Because Significant other to me is the term for LGBT couples .. So apparently the military vocabulary WAS empty the day you gals chose your nickname!!!!!

Also, Yeah being a Milwif sounds like you have a fucking speech impediment like that little girl with the dead squirrel (Though, That Video was HILARIOUS and you guys are not!)

So from here on out… Your new names shall be CAMO-PUSSIES! Because You know what color your Vaginas ARE, honey! That or you can choose this option… WIVES!
What’s SO Wrong with THAT!!!!?!?!?!?!

Also thank you to the “Tumblr Marine” who brought that to the light… Thank you!!! YAY!

Finally, NEWS FUCKING FLASH! You Don’t Have Ranks,Rates, or any importance AT ALL ladies!

Your “JOB”, Your “MOS”, is the one were you keep your legs shut when your fucking Spouse LEAVES FOR DEPLOYMENT!!!!!! That’s what you do… That and get a REAL fucking JOB!!! What happened to women being independent or HELPING their husbands out or shit like that!!! Ladies, recycle or write a script for all I care, just don’t sit at home WAITING!!!!

MilSos, you’ve made it to the point where I DON’T WANT TO GET FUCKING MARRIED! YOU KNOW WHAT I should just be a Lesbian and marry a woman so OF ALL YOU can throw up when you see me and my beautiful wife… SO FUCK YEAH!!!




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