The beginning of A New! Trust Me I’m WORTH IT!

Hey there!Let’s begin! My name is Lorelei Ashley DiAngelo and this is my BLOG!!! This blog is Not going to turn into my damn Tumblr…In which that is an entirely Hot Mess of stuff… (Links will be put at the bottom)

I am a nineteen year old Autistic female that has the aspirations of being the United States Marine Corp,  Lara Croft equivalent of Anderson Cooper… I’ll shun the non-believers if I have to…
In all seriousness, I am a level 85 elite Blood Elf rouge from Silvermoon City who decided that ,instead of arguing percentiles with Jabba the Hutt, would jump into my TARDIS and find the real reason why Sherlock doesn’t have a third season yet… But on the way, I have had Many experiences, a Lovely Heartbreak (Screw you, Huell Howser SHALL be missed), and Many a fun time….

I also realized that dating Sasquatch and the Slenderman at the same time makes me more prone to Large mistakes and failures…Because that’s how I got my Arrow in the Knee, but it’s okay, I pulled it out and defeated 16 colossus (plural form?) afterwards…. So hey! I just met you and this is CRAZY, but here my blog so read it maybe! Because I’m not Taylor Swift and I won’t write rant blog about you if you don’t like me….

Oh Oh! So you HAVE made it this far through my nonsensical CRAP! Good Job!

Now here’s what my blog is REALLY about!
This blog is ALIVE for me so I can take record of EVERY completion of EVERY New Year’s Resolution that I have Glued to my refrigerator door at the moment, and one of them is about my Love Life… Which I AVOID on purpose because human beings annoy and scare  the shit out of me because of my Asperger’s Syndrome (aka Autism)… So this blog is going to be about my journeys into the unknowns of love…And we will see where it takes me!

So far the only progress I have made is enrolling onto a online dating site wrongly titled, Mirror… (Once again links shall be at the end)

My observations so far are that, the people on the site aren’t pathetic just misunderstood, but I really can’t take the site or the people on it  seriously for I just end up laughing either way…

I wouldn’t REALLY know what to say except “Sorry” to my friend who sent me the link to look at the profiles that were present so I can  get a BF/GF, but I failed him when I started Laughing my ASS off at these people…

It’s SO pathetic and sad… Not the people ON the Dating Sites but The people that REVIEW the people on the Site..
Because apparently that’s the status quo: person makes profile, other people Dates person with said profile and then types up a review for the person… The best part is that the Other person has the BALLS to review themselves and They Always Put “I was a Perfect Angel”… THAT’S Where I start cackling! What a lie!!!

Because  to SAY that you’re an Angel is to say that You gave it your BEST and HARDEST EFFORT to  balance out the options of having a proper and serious relationship with said person .. Not say “Oh, we dated a few times and now I hate his gut because he wouldn’t buy me a Prada purse or Christian Loubouiton pumps (I really don’t give a shit about this brand, so fuck it’s spelling!) … Or that because they like to “party” and “talk about themselves” is a deal breaker…No, you’re just insecure and want someone to fondle you. Too Bad, Get The Fuck Out and go to eHarmony or Craigslist if you want that shit…

So far, so good, I haven’t clicked on any profiles yet, but I’m sure that’ll change…

Also, another thing is that I am Apprehensive about this because  I’m already on a website titled “Meet Me”  and I have been messaging and have begun to seriously LIKE this guy named Sean who is a US Marine! (Grrr, Purrrrr, UNF… Trust me when I say that I SHALL have more on this!) He’s Hilarious, Intelligent, and JUST SO …hold on a second … I’m sorry this person deserves the perfect Personal Fan Girly description of himself…  He’s a Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair, freckly and sweet faced, so gorgeous, faint worthy, THE Doctor smart, Taylor Lautner hot , Fuck me so hard … *Explodes*  type of guy!!  So worth my time, but I try not to talk to him because if I talk to him too much he’s going to think I’m insane… But I’m not…So why does being Autistic and being interested in person make you look insane? I shall never know!

So for now I think I should stop here before ALL OF YOU start to think I’m insane…

Also, this May Be blog is for Me, but I will also answer any questions  you have about Autism, Life with Autism, and Dating (Whether with or without Autism)….

So come on down and read up cause this shit about to get real…. LET’S DO THIS!

So for now… Good Night and Good Luck

Here are the links to the sites I mentioned…

yaledevildog9375, -Obviously…. Tumblr…Follow Me if you’d like and reblog and become addicted – MeetMe, add me if you’d like… Message me, and ask me advice questions… Go on, do it

And just go to and “Frame yourself” … Why not? Just try it …. Maybe you’re like me and decide to laugh your ass off at the Reviews of the people on the site… It’s not the best thing, but you’ll realize how shallow people can be when you read them….


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