Oh Lord !

It seems to be that the world just happen to lean on a different axis again…. One of my friends, who I apparently seem to like more than that , is starting to be a little intolerable… Maybe because he’s going through some separation and never being deployment troubles, but maybe not…

Hmmm… Time can only tell if this friend is actually going to stay with me or not because he hasn’t replied yet…

So for my readers, a tip from me to you!

Never under ANY circumstance allow a message to be unread… If it’s spam then browse over it and delete… Something lurks within every message you read…

So even you hate the person who sent the message just open it ….

Because when you deal with an Autistic person that Actually wants to taalk to you; you better open your shit because it’s been about three hours since my last message to this friend and now I’m wondering if he’s angry about what I said to him… Either way…

Until next time … Good Luck and Good Night


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